About Us

What Makes Us Better 

  • I, as Owner and Head Home Inspector, entered the Construction Industry at age 17. I love this industry, having grown and thrived here.
  • I have Owned a successful General Contracting Company and also succeeded as a land Developer in the North Georgia market.
  • I obtained my registered Appraisers License in Georgia in 2002, which affords me the insight as to what actually qualifies as big or small issues.
  • I have extensive experience working for prominent geotechnical engineers in this area dealing directly with ground preparation for construction projects and site failures. I will be able to advise you on when those possible foundation issues should be more further investigated.
  • I have a high knowledge of building materials, concrete, and steel.   
  • I have vast experience in both residential and commercial construction building practices and codes. I am versed in AIA documentation, percentage complete inspections and what municipality governs what phase of construction.
  • I am a  member in good standing of the top professional associations:

        National Associationt of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI)

        Home Inspectors of Tennessee Association (HITA)

        The General Real Estate Inspectors of America (G.R.E.I.A.)

        The American Academy of Home Inspection (A.A.O.H.I.)

        The Tennessee Real Estate Educational System, Inc. (T.R.E.E.S.)

        The Chattanooga Association of Realtors

         National Womens Council of Realtors, Chattanooga Chapter

         Business Networking International (BNI) Lookout Mountain Chapter 

  • I have completed all state required training and certification of the State of Tennessee Home Inspectors Licensing Program (License #00000841)
  • I am fully covered by both general and professional liability (Errors and Omissions) insurance. 
  • I meet or exceed the Standards of Practice of the above organizations and adhere to each organization’s Code of Ethics.
  • I provide comprehensive inspections of existing properties as well as properties in the construction stage.
  • I perform many different types of inspections including pre-purchase inspections, pre-listing inspections, new construction inspections, one-year warranty inspections, percentage complete inspections for both residential and commercial, specialty inspections focusing on just certain elements, etc.  .
  • I also perform, for lenders and vested business backers, percentage complete insplections, materials on site verifications including verifying the correctness of AIA draw documentation.

Full Disclosure Home Inspection provides online access to computer-generated reports with digital photos. A Summary Report and a Full report is generally completed and in your posession the same day of the inspection via the web. 

The Summary report will contain costly and/or safety issues that need  immediate consideration. This portion is designed to be able to remove from your full report to hand to other concerned parties if necessary, while losing no information.   View Sample Summary Report 

Following the Summary section will be the Full Report. This contains not only all of the items that were shown in the Summary Section, but everything else about the home that is going to need attention in the near future to make your new home sound as well as pointing out things that need to be reviewed periodically as part of good home maintenance.  We also document detailed information on the materials and mechanics used/installed in the property, as well as control and cut-off locations.                      View Sample Full Report  

  • We work, first, for the house. We are there to give you an unbiased observance of the conditions of that property on the day and at the time of the inspection. We provide this  for you, the client. We have no personal affiliations with agents, appraisers, mortgage lenders or repair services.
  • With over 27 years experience in the construction, inspection, and real estate development industries, we step up to a higher level of expertise.
  • We are full-time home inspectors. Inspections are our core business.
  • We offer flexible scheduling to meet your needs when necessary.
  • When you hire FULL DISCLOSURE HOME INSPECTION, you are hiring the most highly trained and experienced professionals in the business. We have two major priorities in serving clients -- evaluation and education. Whether you are a home buyer, seller or existing owner, a comprehensive home inspection will provide the valuable information you need to make an informed decision. At FULL DISCLOSURE HOME INSPECTION, we strive to provide Better Information for Better Decisions.

Spending a little now could save you a lot later!!"