Melanie Moore of Full Disclosure Home Inspection was, by far, the best home inspector my wife and I have ever dealt with. At a time when we were having to deal with multiple contractors, agents, banks, appraisers, etc… Melanie’s relaxed but unbelievably thorough approach to her job was greatly appreciated.

We were buying a nearly sixty year old house so we expected her to find many things that needed attention; however, Melanie did much more than just write up a list of the home’s defects. She gave us suggestions about how to best correct the problems and helped us prioritize the repairs so we didn’t go broke and insane trying to take care of everything before we moved in. Thanks to her, we know what must be done right away and what can wait a while as well as other options we might want to consider as we remodel and/or expand. In addition, Melanie took time to point out the many good things about the home so we didn’t feel overwhelmed and understood that, beneath its surface blemishes, we were getting a well-built house.

One of the most surprising aspects of the whole process was that, after having the inspection in the morning, we got an incredibly detailed report that same evening. We loved that, in addition to page after page of details, she included pictures of the problem areas along with pictures and diagrams of the way many of those areas are supposed to look. For us, Melanie’s inspection report is much more than something to show the mortgage company. It is something we will keep on hand as a “honey-do list” and a reference for when we need major repairs or remodeling down the line.

If I had all afternoon to write this review, I still wouldn’t have enough time to say all the good things that need to be said about Melanie and Full Disclosure Home Inspection, so I will just sum up with this: She could double her fee and still be a great bargain.

Clarence and Christine W.

Lookout Mountain, GA


"Thank you so much for doing our home inspection. In my opinion it was very thorough, informative, and worth every dime! Some of the stuff that you found, we would never have thought to look for. Melanie, you did a wonderful job! We had our reports, as promised, the same day. The information and pictures you provided were amazing and I am sure will be very beneficial in the future. The ease of communication with you was great! I will most definately recommend your services to all of my friends. I would give you a 10 out of 10 Rating!"

Dustin and Terra Figueroa

Chattanooga, TN


"I wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule and assessing our house. Though I was not present, my husband told me many times over that night "what a fantastic job" you did. I was very impressed by how quickly your reporting was completed and how thorough it was. I really appreciated the meticulous detail and side notes that went into our findings. The accessability was easy and to the point. I would definately recommend you to anybody that needs a home inspection!"

Tinah and Richard Dempsey

Dayton, Tennessee


Great report! Buyer was impressed! We closed on time!

Joe V.

Realtor, Chattanooga, TN

Full Disclosure Home Inspection was very organized, extremely helpful. I would recommend to any one.

L. Martin - Chattanooga, TN

Excellent Inspection

It was great to work with such an expert, like Melanie Moore. She was very professional and knowledgable. She also sent a very detailed inspection report that listed things that needed to be done right away and things that need to be done in the near future. She also provided helpful hints and tips about her findings. She truely has been amazing and great to work with, as she has been available for all my questions. Excellent service!!
T.Nation - Chattanooga, TN

Ms Moore,

Thank you for your great service and report. In addition to your inspection service, you were generous enough to introduce me to various parts of the house. I will have no problem now to operate the different systems thanks to your excellent orientation.

Your report is a good reference for future use.

Thanks a lot.

B. Awala - Hixson, TN 

Attention to details

We used Full Disclosure Home Inspection when we purchased a home in April 2010. We were impressed with the attention to details that was shown by Ms. Moore, the inspector. I would use them again when I acquire another property.
 L. Stophel - Cleveland, TN

Great customer service!

Melanie is a very thorough inspector and her customer service is paralleled by none. She went above and beyond what I've come to expect from businesses this day and time. Ms. Moore was flexible and understanding due to the unforeseen circumstances that kept us from completing our inspection at the scheduled time.
We highly recommend using Full Disclosure Home Inspection for whatever inspection services you need. We would definitely use this company again.


Thanks for your service and the time given to explain things to me.  It indeed was a learning experience.  With your knowledge combined with my rethinking on how I want to spend my "over the hill" years, I am ready to back away from buying the property.  It is stressful to think about, much more to deal with.  Keep informing folks!
B. Wheeler - Trenton, GA 

Just wanted to say thank you for the quick turnaround and providing such a quality report.  I wasn't expecting such a detailed report but I must say you did a wonderful job.  I think you saved me money and future headaches with my new home. I recently recommended you to a lady in our
office who has a friend that is in the process of buying her first home. She is paying cash and since she has never bought a home before I thought it would be real important that she have someone go through it for her with a fine toothed comb.  

N.F. Steuer
Tiftonia, TN 


Thank you so much for getting this to us so quickly.  I'm looking over this now and this is amazing.  Don't ever let my boss find out that projects this complex can be completed this quickly.  :)

I forwarded a copy to my wife.  I'm sure this will keep us busy for most of the next year but I can't imagine a better guide for making our home as good as it can be.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

L. & C. Wright

Signal Mtn,GA

"Since starting my company, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Melanie of Full Disclosure Home Inspections. Melanie is indeed a "Full disclosure" home inspector. I our working together on a few projects, I have found Melanie to be an honest professional with a high level on integrity. Her experience as a contractor adds to her skills as a home inspector because it gives her a knowledge that most in her field DO NOT have. I would highly recommend doing business with Melanie!"

Wally Reece - Reececo Properties, Chattanooga, TN

Spending a little now could save you a lot later!!"