Pre-Listing Inspection's Plus's

Why 2 Yard Signs Are Better Than One

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So, you want to sell your home quickly, for top dollar with as little stress as possible….RIGHT???

 Then take the advice of your Agent, who is working for you with your goals in mind!

Get a Pre-Listing Inspection!


We all “LIVE” in our homes and have a tendency to live around the sticking door, bad plug, leaky faucet, etc. These things just happen. You’re right, they seem small.


However, just as little things can fail, so can larger, more costly things. An animal might have gotten under your home and damaged duct or insulation. The roof could be damaged or wearing out. There could be HVAC problems, foundation issues, window, grade or water issues, etc.


Worst Case Scenario…

You decide to list your home, saving a few hundred dollars (inspections start at $325.00) NOT getting that Pre-inspection, OK…


You put effort into keeping your home neat so it is appealing when being shown. You keep clearing out of your home for showings and you finally get an acceptable offer! Yay! (Aren’t you glad that’s over?)


Now you have a contract on your home, “Contingent on Inspection”.


Buyer’s inspection time...

Are any issues you didn’t know about found? Now you might have to spend more money on the home or take less, cutting into your net sales revenue. If you refuse, you possibly lose your buyer and the whole cycle starts over. You could suffer both financially and emotionally.

Had you gotten a Pre-Listing Home Inspection things could have been dealt with or disclosed upfront, no longer being deal-killers.



To Sum it up, The Bottom line is YOUR $$$ BOTTOM LINE!


Know what you are selling and sell it faster with less headaches for more profit! Roll the cost of that major correction, like a new roof, into your sales price and market it with a new roof! Buyers will love that and they end up paying for it in their loan, not you!

Don’t have the money to make that big ticket correction? Disclose the issue, (possibly adding the price of the repair to the sales price) agreeing you will correct it before closing and negotiate with your tradesman to make the repair the week before closing (once all paperwork is final) and have them paid at closing!


Your Listing agent is going to put hundreds of dollars into listing and marketing your home. They have a vested interest in seeing it sold.

  This small investment by you now can help your agent do their job better by giving them a home that is ready to sell for TOP DOLLAR!


This sign will be placed beside your realtor’s sign in your yard:




Buyers will notice your extra efforts and choose to see your home before the other five houses for sale in the area! Leave the Full Color report out for the buyer’s to review. No secrets! As a Bonus, upon completion of any corrections you make after the initial inspection, I will make one free return trip to review corrections and revise your report accordingly.


Give buyers the confidence to choose your home!

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Spending a little now could save you a lot later!!"